Action Sports Simulation

Experience Adventure Today!

Dedicated State-of-the-Art Golf Application

Play World Famous Courses

State-of-the-Art Technology

HD Surround Screens, Infrared Sensors and High Speed Cameras ensure a high level of accuracy.

Customise course conditions and challenge yourself.

Play a full 18 holes on the most popular courses from around the world or hone your swing on our virtual driving range.


Latest technology records your performance and provides detailed analysis to up your game.

Shooting Simulator

Practise your shooting skills.

Take on holograms, zombies , wildlife and more, using a lifelike infrared weapon. 

Just Drive!

Racing Simulator

Get behind the wheel of your dream car and race the track of your life. 

Up the challenge and customise track conditions as you test your limits on the way to a win!

Take to the skies!

Flight Simulator

Wheels Up – Rule the skies!

Multi-Sport Simulator


Test your skills.


Shoot heaps of hoops


Score Goals!

Baseball and Softball

Swing That Bat


Kick off!


Hit a six.

“Outdoor Adventure, Indoors”

Fun, and Coffee, with Friends and Family

Get the gang together and come explore a new reality.

Corporate Functions, Kids Parties and Coffee Dates

The perfect environment to inspire teamwork and build connections between colleagues. We provide the facilities to host events in an active and entertaining atmosphere.

An afternoon of adrenaline, action and adventure, in a world just beyond reality. A safe environment to let kids unleash their explosive energy in the experience of a lifetime. 

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